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FWsim Competition Finland Championship 2020

Kansainvälinen virtuaalinen pyromusikaalikilpailu on jälleen tänä vuonna startannut reilun parin viikon taiston ajaksi. Tuomarit ovat jälleen Suomesta, Pyroten Oy:n jäsenet, allekirjoittanut sekä Tommi Miinalainen. Kuka vain kellä on riittävä mobiilivempain tähän on tervetullut asui sitten Honolulussa tai Pappilanmäellä.


Instructions and rules 2020
All persons over the World can participate to the competition. Fireworks will be done by using FWsim Fireworks software (http://www.fwsim.com/ ). Fireworks must be displayed with music. The judges of the fireworks competition are Väinö Pelkonen and Tommi Miinalainen from company Pyroten Oy. Competition will be from the 1 th of September to the 17 th of September.

Fireworks show must include a common musical song.  This song is "Children Of Today - Blasterjaxx". Common music must be used between 1,5-3 minutes (minimum 90 seconds, maximum 180 seconds). The common song must be placed in the beginning of the show.  Other music must be decided independently by competitors. Total duration of show must be between 6-7,5 minutes. The given duration is strict.

Using of 3D models: There can be use only realistically movable 3D models. Example buildings, towers and stadiums are not allowed. Also boats are not allowed. However small stands and cranes can be used. If you are not sure is your model allowed, please take contact with the organizer.

Camera movement during the show is not allowed.

There is no limitation for the quantity of fireworks. This helps with creating fireworks the show. However there will be minus points if fireworks are wasted with out of sense. There is also no limitation for number of firework positions. Assessing fireworks there will be scoring from 1 to 10 points. Next five are the matters to be assessed:
-colors and effects
-emotionalism (douple weight)
-creativity (douple weight)

Show must be in the internet before the end of last competition day (17t h of September). It must be sent to FWsim Competition Finland Championship with private mail in Facebook with a video link. Video must be delivered by the midnight 17.9.2020 in EET (time in Finland). Please tell your nationality at the same time when you send your show to us. The winner will be announced very soon after the end of the competition. We will publish the results of all the competitors and for three best with verbal review.

There are no prizes for winners; just glory. 
Our competition is for promoting the fireworks industry and for joy.

FWsim Competition Finland Championship will publish all shows and designer names on Facebook-pages. We allow only real names (not nicknames or company names etc).

Let's open the competition with a show where we use the commong song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrND1XFyca4
Your welcome and enjoy the design work for next 17 days!

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